Grace Temple Christian Academy

"Soaring Like An Eagle"

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Welcome to Grace Temple Christian Academy. This is a unique educational ministry. Our primary purpose is to provide quality education and a learning environment that will both challenge the student and reinforce positive character development.

In addition, our school has specific spiritual goals. We strive to be distinctly Christian, as to our staff our God centered value system, character expectation, problem solving and, of course, classes in Bible integrated with our materials. This foundational overview enhances our basic commitment to education in all the normal disciplines of learning.

We feel the combination of educational excellence and spiritual focus is uniquely achievable here at Grace Temple Christian Academy. Our staff, parental support team and Board of Directors overall will ensure a continuing commitment to quality in every area of our school.

We thank you for your confidence in our program and we solicit your practical input as well as your prayers as we strive to achieve these goals together.